Trauma-Informed Treatment Centers for Troubled Girls 

Trauma Informed Treatment Centers for Troubled Girls

Trauma is one of the leading causes of destructive and dangerous behaviors in teenage girls today. Untreated traumas experienced in childhood often lead teenage girls down a dark and dangerous path of self-harm and self-medicating, typically drugs and alcohol. Fortunately for parents and troubled teenage girls alike, there are residential treatment centers specifically designed to identify, therapize and rehabilitate past traumas that contribute to self-destructive behaviors. These programs are known as trauma-informed treatment centers for troubled girls. Below, we will discuss what trauma-based therapy is and why so many teenage girls need trauma-informed treatment centers more than ever in today's America.

The behavioral industry labels out-of-control teenagers as "troubled teens," or a teen that engages in self-defeating, dangerous, and anti-social behaviors that threaten their overall quality of life. But what causes teenage girls to act out in such self-abusing ways? What are the underlying issues like self-harm or substance abuse and addictions?

"According to experts, the underlying issues of many troubled teen behavior, namely severe ones like substance abuse and addiction, stem from un-or-mistreated trauma -- especially trauma that stems from young childhood." - Substance Abuse and mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)

Alcohol and Substance Abuse Disorders 

Drug and alcohol addiction is a disorder that can originate from numerous contributing factors. While every teenage girl is different, today's mental health experts conclusively agree that teenage and young adult drug-related issues are most commonly associated with past trauma, typically undiagnosed or mistreated Post Traumatic Stress Disorder they experienced in early childhood.


Unfortunately, most addicted teenage girls who experience early onset traumas go untreated. Instead, they begin to self-medicate with self-harming issues through their hidden pain and anguish, namely, through drugs and alcohol abuse. What starts as self-experimentation typically becomes an addiction. In a matter of weeks, teenage girls with untreated post-traumatic stress can become life-long addicts if not adequately treated.  

Why Unchecked Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Often Leads to Addiction or Worse

A post-traumatic stress disorder occurs when a person (most commonly, a child) experiences a traumatic event that overwhelms their limited cognitive ability to process the extreme incident healthily. Post-traumatic events can be severely traumatizing one-time incidents -- such as being involved in a major car accident or suffering the loss of a loved one. Other times, these emotionally scarring events can be what experts refer to as long-term stressors -- these would include being neglected or abused over extended periods.  

Whether one-time or long-term incidents, trauma leaves a perpetual emotional wound that dramatically impedes a teenage girl's ability to live an everyday life whatsoever. Teenage girls with PTSD often live in perpetual fear for their physical safety, suffer from crippling anxiety, and can even question their sanity and lack any semblance of psychological stability. 

What's more, teenage girls who experience un-or-mistreated trauma almost always live in a constant state of depression, confusion, anxiety, are prone to having an extremely low self-image, and can even experience severe memory loss. 

Feelings these intense and extreme unchecked symptoms for an extended period, it is no wonder why traumatized girls are highly susceptible to engaging in out-of-control behaviors and severe forms of self-medicating, such as drugs and alcohol. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, untreated trauma is why teenage girls are the most likely demographic to engage in destructive self-destruction behavioral patterns (such as addiction) and engage in self-harm, suicidal ideation, or committing suicide. 

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Trauma-Informed Programs for Troubled Teenage Girls

Trauma-informed programs for troubled teenage girls are highly specialized facilities that use trauma-based therapy to treat severe underlying, mental, and emotional issues of at-risk adolescent females with PTSD diagnoses. 

For instance, only trauma-informed treatment centers can effectively give traumatized girls a sense that the world isn't a dismal, terrifying, and unsafe place to exist. With the help of highly trained psychiatrists and mental health counselors, teenage girls with PTSD can begin to heal and learn new coping strategies and skills to deal with and overcome their trauma-based issues and behaviors healthily. 

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