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THE Grace Awakening Tools & Community Page

Welcome to your portal for SPIRITUAL FORMATION with KINGDOM Empowered. Here, you'll find essential tools for your journey of Grace, including our foundational eBook, a comprehensive mobile app, and Grace Community Groups designed to support and enhance your discipleship experience.

THE Grace Awakening eBook

Your Guide to Divine Empowerment

This foundational eBook is your manual for both "Training for Reigning" and "THE Grace Awakening 8-week Advanced Discipleship Course." Packed with God’s Word, His Grace, and His wisdom it's designed to deepen your understanding and practice of living in the Kingdom of God by Grace.

  • Key Points: Grace Awakening, Spiritual Formation, and Spiritual Disciplines.
  • Receive Grace: Elevate your spiritual journey, as we provide the knowledge and tools for a life empowered by Grace. Learn to love your enemies and bless those who persecute you.
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Mobile App: KINGDOM Empowered

Your Daily Companion for Spiritual Growth

Stay connected with the HEART OF GOD by Grace through our mobile app. Receive daily inspirations, Bible teachings,, access to new videos, blogs, and articles, and engage with our exclusive course communities.

  • Key Points: Daily MANNA, community forums, and direct access to course materials.
  • Receive Grace: Ensure continuous spiritual engagement and formation, with support and guidance at your fingertips.
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Community Registration

THE Grace Awakening Community

A Space for Shared Growth and Encouragement

Join fellow participants of THE Grace Awakening courses in a dedicated community within our mobile app. Share experiences, gain insights, and support each other in your journey of grace.

  • How to Join: Access through the KINGDOM Empowered Mobile App after course registration.
  • Benefits: Connect with like-minded individuals, participate in discussions, and receive encouragement and support.
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Training for Reigning Community

Empower Your Reigning Journey with Fellowship

Learn how to live in the Kingdom of God. Let Jesus be your RABBI and engage with peers from the Training for Reigning course in this exclusive app-based community. It's a place for mutual support, learning, and sharing victories and challenges.

  • How to Join: Available within the KINGDOM Empowered Mobile App upon course enrollment.
  • Benefits: Foster deep connections, share insights, and grow together in GRACE, and apply the principles of REIGNING IN CHRIST.
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Support & Contribute

Help Us Spread the Message of Grace

Your donations enable us to continue developing valuable resources, support our community, and expand our reach. Contribute today and be a part of spreading grace and empowerment to more lives.

  • Donation Options: Choose how you want to contribute, with secure payment methods.
  • Impact: Directly supports the creation of resources like these and the growth of our Grace communities.
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Step Into Your Grace-Filled Journey

With THE Grace Awakening eBook, Mobile App, and our vibrant course communities, you're well-equipped for a life of spiritual richness and empowerment. Engage, learn, and grow with the resources and fellowship offered by KINGDOM Empowered.

Embark on your path to divine empowerment and community today.