Heroic Boy Saves the Life of Drowning Three-Year-Old 

The Summer heat dove Melanie Drake and her children to the lake for a day of leisure and fun. But, had it not been for an unlikely pint-sized hero with a heart twice his small frame, it would have been a day that ended in tragedy. 

At a popular lake destination called Rotary Park in Whitecourt in Alberta, Melanie was tending to her 3-year-old-son. Unbeknownst to her, her other son was playing near the edge of the dock. Without notice, her 5-year-old son plunged into the water after losing his balance. 

By the grace of God, another lake-goer saw the nightmarish scenario unfold and screamed, ‘Grab that boy!’ without hesitation, an 11-year old hero named Austin sprang into action. The following is a short story of an unlikely day saved by an unlikely hero. 

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While tending to her 3-year-old, her 5-year-old son Bo, who was playing near the water’s edge, fell in. Melanie heard someone shout.

“Someone hollered, ‘Grab that boy,’ and Austin, 11-year-old autistic boy, jumped in to grab him,” the mom told The Epoch Times. “A woman nearby also jumped in to assist Austin and bring Bo to shore.”

Bo was vomiting up water, slightly blue, and on the lethargic side, the mom said. She called 911.

She and a few ladies kept Bo alert until first responders arrived, and Melanie, despite her mother’s heart “heavy with concern,” stayed calm for her family.

At the hospital, she said it took some time to bring Bo’s temperature up and stabilize his vital signs to normal.  They spent a few hours there before being released that night.

Melanie expressed her appreciation to Bo’s helpers the next day, posting on the Whitecourt community Facebook page. A woman named Lysa reached out and said it was her son Austin who saved Bo.

The two families met up, and Melanie expressed her heartfelt gratitude to Austin for saving her little boy.

Autistic Boy, 11, Sees 5-Year-Old Drowning While Swimming in Park, Jumps In to Save His Life.

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